Our Farm

We are Michael and Debbie Jensen. We started raising sheep based on advice from a older lady who had sheep and a disabled child like us. She advised that sheep were a gentle animal and would allow our disabled son to help. From that day, we have spent 38 years trying to raise sheep that are functional, fast growing, and look good in your pasture or feedlot. Every year we take steps to build a better sheep.  We have, in the past, been enrolled in the National Sheep Improvement program and sold at the national NSIP sale in Spencer, Iowa.

We are located in the Loess Hills of western Iowa , home to state parks and rugged hills, and about 13 miles off Interstate 29, 45 miles or so south of Sioux City, Iowa and 60 miles or so north of Omaha, Nebraska.

Our sheep carry the genetics of two of the top commercial Suffolk sheep feedstock producers in the United States, namely Kimm Suffolks  and MacCauley Suffolks. Our rams have been sons of Kimm ewes that have been exceptional for Mr. Kimm (Kimm 04081 and Kimm10107) and top MacCauley rams with several prominent studs in their pedigree. All rams used since 1996 have been RR for scrapie resistance. Our lambs are fed our corn, hay and are pastured. We would love to sell you a sheep!